resQR Family Value Pack (30 x Lost Item Recovery Stickers, Tags & Plates)


Vendor: resQR SKU: RSQR-F

We have all felt the pain of losing something at some time – from keys, credit cards, phones, sporting equipment, electronics, drones, passports sunglasses, computers to bags - you name it. However, with resQR, nothing stays lost! 

resQR is an anti-loss system using smart QR codes that enables you to set rewards for the return of your valuables so that the whole world becomes your search party! Importantly, your identity is never provided to the Finder - you receive the Finders details for the safe return of your valuables. 

  • A new quick and easy way to get your lost valuables back safely
  • Incentivise ‘finders’ to return your goods with the offer of rewards or good karma
  • Your identify remains secure, you receive an SMS to contact the Finder
  • Finder can choose to donate their reward to affiliated charities
  • No battery required - a long term solution to recover lost goods
  • 6 months free subscription
  • Subscription plans from as low as 10 cents a tag per month 

To use resQR, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the appropriate resQR tag(s) for your valuable items
  2. Download the resQR free mobile App and subscribe to one of four resQR plans (from as low as 10 cents a tag per month + the first 6 months are free!)
  3. Stick, attach, or hang a resQR tag to your valuable items
  4. Scan the resQR tag using the resQR mobile App and either set a reward or offer ‘Good Karma’ for the item’s return
  5. When the Finder scans the code on the tag, they are incentivised to return the item in return for the reward or Good Karma.  They even have the option to donate their reward to charity.

What’s in the pack:

Silver Mylar Stickers

  • 6 x Stickers - 39 mm x 13 mm
  • 6 x Stickers - 49 mm x 17 mm
  • 6 x Stickers - 60 mm x 20 mm

Anodised Aluminium Stickers

  • 4 x Stickers - 50 mm x 20 mm x 0.3 mm

Anodised Aluminium Tags

  • 4 x Tags - 50 mm x 20 mm x 1 mm

Anodised Aluminium Plates

  • 4 x Plates - 50 mm x 20 mm x 1 mm