Adonit Note 2


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Now with extra long standby time and IP65 rating, the Adonit Note 2 brings your experience to the next level.  The Note 2 is perfect for New iPad / iPad Pro models.

The Note 2 stylus is dust-proof and waterproof with an IP65 rating offering full protection and prolonged service life (* if there is water on the tip of Note 2, wipe and dry before use).

Rest your palm comfortably on the screen while you write. Adonit Note 2 supports palm rejection, so you don’t have to worry about leaving stray lines.

Note 2 uses USB-C for charging and you can charge while you write! A full charge provides 24 hours of battery life.  No need to connect to Bluetooth! Simply hit the "on" button on your device and write away. It’s that simple!

The Adonit Note 2 uses a spiral tip that can be replaced easily.

  • Dust-proof
  • Waterproof (IP65 rating)
  • Palm rejection
  • USB-C charging - charge while you write
  • 24 hours battery life when fully charged
  • No Bluetooth connection required


  • Dimensions: 156.5 mm x 9.2mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Charging time: 60mins
  • Continuous use: 24hrs


  • iPad Air (3rd/4th Gen)
  • iPad mini (5th/6th Gen)
  • iPad (6th/7th/8th/9th Gen)
  • iPad Pro (3rd/4th/5th Gen, 11" & 12.9") and newer model

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