Adonit Pixel


  • Unparalleled precision
  • Improved 1.9mm tip
  • Increased tip drag
  • Pressure sensitivity 
  • Palm rejection
  • Shortcut buttons
  • Compatible with all iPads, iPhones & Android
  • Check out the Jot Apps

  Adonit Comparison sheet

Adonit's most advanced iPad stylus, the Pixel, offers unparalleled precision, increased tip drag and pressure sensitivity for natural writing and drawing across all the latest iPad models.
The new 1.9mm Pixelpoint™ tip increases drag and provides unparalleled precision and accuracy along with a natural writing and drawing experience.

The Pixel is a pressure sensitive stylus with 2048 levels of sensitivity, allowing you to create nuanced strokes of varying width and weight like an ink pen or brush.  From fine lines to bold strokes, the pressure sensitive Pixel with Pixelpoint™ provides complete creative control.

Pixel is packed with features like palm rejection, predictive touch and shortcut buttons to deliver the most seamless, user-friendly stylus experience possible. Programmable shortcut buttons give you easy, one-touch access to your most used tools like erase and redo.

Connect Pixel to your favorite iOS apps to access key features and discover new ways to write, draw, and create! 



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