Beasts of Balance More Beasts Pack

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More Beasts Pack is an add-on to Beasts of Balance only

  • More Beasts 3-piece Pack Expansion
  • Expand your menagerie of Beasts with the Flamingo, Angler Fish and Chameleon
  • Create over 300 brand-new hybrids
  • Discover new stacking strategies and increase your high score 
  • More Beasts means even higher scores in Co-op and more ways to crush your opponents in Battles
  • Requires Beasts of Balance game to play - Multi-award winning game of skill, strategy and creation
  • Fun family game for 1-5 players, suitable for age 6 and up
  • Requires a compatible iOS (10.0 or above) or Android (5.1 or above) device, Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy/Smart protocol, 1GB+ RAM (recommended)


Get sassy. Act dopey. Be cute. Boost your winning power with the More Beasts Expanision Pack including 3 brand new beasts; Flamingo, Angler Fish and Chameleon.

Find flexibility and balance in the tall Flamingo, a mighty mouth perfect for stacking those tricky shapes in the Anglerfish and a camflouaging friend in the Chamelon.

Boost your points and discover new stacking strategies in both Co-Op and Battles mode with over 300 new fabulous hybrid beasts to discover, and Marvel at the chameleon amazing colour-changing skin.