BlueLounge Cablebox Mini Station


Vendor: Bluelounge SKU: CBM-BL-02

CableBox Mini Station is a smaller version of the ever popular CableBox with slots on top to hold your devices. This unit is convenient for smaller clusters of cables. Rubber feet prevent CableBox Mini Station from slipping. The ideal desktop catchall for all your devices and disguises your cords clutter.

With the BlueLounge Cablebox Mini Station, cables will always be tidy and dust free. Simply plug your devices into a surge protector along with the extra cable length, close the lid and you’re done! With cable outlets on either side, CableBox Mini Station is ideal for hiding cords, adapters and small hubs.

What's in the Box:

  • One CableBox Mini Station (240 x 120 x 149 mm)
  • 10 Twist Ties
  • Surge protector not included
Additional Information

Black, White