Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine #1



  • Signature embossed hardcover journal with rounded corners and ivory-coloured pages
  • 238 pages of lined dot paper (13 x 21 cm) 
  • Includes printed tags to instantly tag notes for easy access in Livescribe+
  • Simplified page controls (of Livescribe 3 smartpen) to maximize note-taking area
  • Expandable inner pocket contains bookmarks featuring controls for all liveqscribe smartpens 
  • History of Moleskine included on inside
  • Compatible with all Livescribe smartpens 

Take note-taking to new frontiers with this luxurious light-weight and stylish journal to capture all your notes, sketches and thoughts. Designed for the Livescribe smartpens - this journal features a simplified set of on-page controls, creating a balance between quick access to actions within the Livescribe+ mobile app, shortcut buttons and maximizing the available note-taking space on each sheet of paper. 

Dot pattern makes handwritten notes appear in digital form with surprising speed and accuracy. Archive the completed journal before using a new identical journal. 

Livescribe notebooks are compatible with all Livescribe smartpens. Before using any new paper product check that your smartpen is using the latest available firmware.

Get more done in less time – all with just a few quick taps of your finger. 

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