Moshi Deep Purple UV Sanitiser


Vendor: MOSHI SKU: 99MO129031

Deep Purple is a folding UV sanitiser which cleans a full 360 degrees in just 4 minutes to remove germs, bacteria, and viruses from the personal items that you touch every day. Ultra-portable, it folds to only 2 cm thick and can be powered by a wall charger, car charger, or portable battery so you can use it at home, outdoors, on the road and anywhere in between.

No need to flip devices over for a second clean. Deep Purple's proprietary LumiClear platform not only raises objects up off the base of the interior, but also allows UV-C light to pass through and make contact with the underside of the objects being cleaned. Clean your items with a single 4-minute cycle, no need to flip them over for a second clean.

Deep Purple features a unique origami-inspired design which allows it to fold flat to only 2 cm thick for ultimate portability. Slide it into your bag when you head out for the day, or in a suitcase or weekend bag when you take a trip. The precision magnetic design re-assembles in moments to be ready for cleaning no matter where you are.

UV-C light is a safe, effective, and chemical-free method of neutralising potential sources of contamination. Unlike traditional UV-C lamps, the LEDs used in Deep Purple are long-lasting, activate instantly, mercury-free, and do not degrade over time. Get more than 10 years of daily usage with Deep Purple.

UV light is invisible to the human eye, and Deep Purple keeps it safely contained to avoid leakage and potential human harm. Inside is an effectiveness indicator which contains UV-reactive paint that changes colour when exposed to UV-C rays, so you can know for sure that your belongings have received a sufficient dosage of UV light for a thorough clean.

Not only does Deep Purple fold flat to go with you anywhere, the versatile USB-C power input allows for convenient power sources depending on your location. Using the included USB cable, Deep Purple can be powered by a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery to give you ultimate cleaning freedom in coffee shops, parks, hotels, and everywhere in between.

  • Full 360 degrees cleaning
  • Ultra-portable, fully-flat folding design
  • UV indicator
  • LumiClear platform
  • USB-C powered 
  • Long-lasting UV-C LEDs
  • 10 years of sanitisation