Native Union Dock Marble for Apple Watch


  • Sleek and stable base for charging Apple Watch
  • Adjustable angle and positioning (horizontally or vertically)
  • Made and cut from solid marble, polished by hand and brushed metal
  • Quick and easy set-up 
  • Compatible with all Apple Watches
  • Works with Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (not included)

Crafted from the finest solid marble, Dock Marble for Apple Watch is a beautiful design object for the home and a versatile base for charging your watch. Naturally heavy, Dock features a brushed metal rotating arm to comfortably use and navigate the watch face as you charge. The unique and intricate veins of the natural marble makes each piece one of a kind. 

Precision engineered without screws, Dock’s two minimal components slot together magnetically. The Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable is fed into the dock where it is locked in place, eliminating the  frustration of fumbling around on the floor for your charger at night or unsightly messy wires. Whether buckled or unbuckled, Dock holds your watch magnetically in place.

Dock can be used horizontally, as well as vertically, so when coupled with Nightstand Mode it transforms your watch into the perfect bedside alarm clock. The design is also reversible, allowing you to position the arm on whichever side is most convenient.

Dock for Apple Watch is the ultimate dock for all Apple Watch models, sizes and strap styles. It will complement both your watch and your interiors, making it an object for the home as well as the ultimate Apple Watch accessory.

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