Photon Robot

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Vendor: Photon SKU: PH_01
  • Photon Robot teaches coding and logical thinking through entertainment
  • Discover coding, mathematics, biology and more
  • Offers a great combination of fun, games, new technologies and science
  • 4 Programming interfaces - Draw, Badge, Blocks and Code 
  • Over 10 possibilities with Photon's advanced technology - includes Light sensor, Touch sensor, Distance encoder, Magnetic mount for accessories  
  • LED backlit antennae and eyes, sound sensor and speaker
  • Photon's every attribute is created with a qualified team of psychologists and designed with children 
  • Up to 8 hours of play on a single battery charge (via Micro-USB cable)
  • Created for all ages, recommended age 5 - 12 years. Can be used by more than one kid (profile settings)
  • Requirements: Compatible iOS or Android device and one of the free Photon apps