STM Grace Sleeve 13"


Purple Diamond
Blue Diamond
Dark Purple
Night Sky
Teal Dot
  • Ample cushioning and plush, super soft lining
  • Long, two way zipper-pulls for easy access even with a gloved hand
  • Sized to fit the form factor of all current MacBook 13 inch designs as well as many other 13" Ultrabook designs, including Surface Pro

This sleek little number easily transports your MacBook simply and safely. With ample cushioning and plush, super soft lining you know your laptop is in a happy place! 

Slim and light laptops should have slim and light sleeves and this colourful, stylish sleeve is just the ticket for carrying your laptop around. A thoughtful laptop sleeve but not overthought. The Grace Collection strikes the balance between simplicity and style, bringing harmony to your digital day. 

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