Tech Will Save Us Sew & Glow Kit

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Vendor: Tech Will Save Us SKU: TWSU02
  • Teaches how to create electric circuits, technology and crafting skills
  • Encourages problem solving, concentration and attention
  • Simple and easy for any skill level
  • Includes hundreds of templates to inspire 
  • Use practical crafting skills to create glowing masterpieces
  • Free access to Club Make for dozens of crafting activities
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • Battery pack included

Get inventing and unleash creative superpowers! Design and create glowing badges that light up with electro thread. 

This STEM learning smart toy is an easy-to-use kit that encourages children to explore science, technology, engineering and maths while having fun and developing their creativity and imagination.

Bring original designs to life through the amazing power of electro conductive thread. Sew & Glow is a unique and electrifying way for kids to design and build their very own light-up badges. The kit includes a huge variety of templates to cut out and sew together with an exciting twist: electro thread.

Kids (and crafty adults) can use the templates and colourful felt provided to design badges. As they build their new inventions, kids will get to grips with traditional crafting skills such as sewing and cutting and begin to explore the wonders of conductive electro thread. Once finished, attach the creations to anything and show them off! 

Join the online community to find more projects and ideas and loads of interactive manuals so the fun will never end.

What's in the box:

  • Online manual compatible with all devices  
  • Felt squares x 4
  • Battery pack 
  • Connectors x 15
  • Needles x 2 
  • Badge templates x 2 
  • Sewing thread 
  • Electro Thread 
  • Pen 
  • Tech-moji template x 2

Tech Will Save Us believes that technology is the future. Their aim is to spark the creative imagination of young people using hands-on technology. Their range of digital and physical toys combine education with play to create heroes. These award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids (and the adults that love them) to make, play, code and invent, using technology.