Twelve South PowerPic for iPhone


  • Wireless charger disguised as a picture frame
  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones (iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy etc.) 
  • Qi-certified fast charger delivers up to 10 watts wireless power
  • Wirelessly charges through most phone cases up to 3 mm thick and up to 16.5 cm tall
  • New Zealand pine picture frame holds any 13 x 18 cm photo
  • Elegant design and colour will match any decor

PowerPic is a picture perfect way to wirelessly charge your phone. A wireless phone charger that doesn’t look like another dock or charger, this hidden Qi-charger is capable of providing up to 10 watts of fast charging power.

The contemporary frame, with a fast-charging Qi charger hidden inside, is made of New Zealand Pine and holds any 13 x 18 cm photo. Just set any Qi-compatible phone inside the frame to begin charging. PowerPic even works with phone cases up to 3 mm thick.

A small status light on the back of the frame reveals when the phone is fully charged and alerts if a foreign object, like a bank card with a chip, is preventing the phone from charging properly. The PowerPic USB cable can be plugged into any USB outlet, computer or phone adapter.

This wooden picture frame, with a wireless charger hidden inside, naturally blends into any home or office. PowerPic is the best looking wireless phone charger out there. 

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