Twelve South HoverBar Duo for iPad / Tablet / Smartphone



HoverBar Duo is an adjustable stand that frees your hands so you can do more - and create more - with your iPad, tablet or smartphone. Watch a cooking show or record your own crafting videos. Lift your device to eye-level for Zoom calls or give grandma a virtual seat at the party. Whatever you can do with your device, you can probably do it better with a height adjustable, multi-position HoverBar Duo holding your device for you. HoverBar Duo includes a weighted desktop stand as well as a desk clamp to suit most setups.

HoverBar Duo is your helping hand in the kitchen.  Follow recipes or make cooking videos more easily knowing your device is securely held up off the counter instead of leaning against an olive oil bottle. Clamped under a cabinets or resting on its heavy metal desk stand, HoverBar Duo gives you the freedom to get FaceTime cooking tips from a friend and share a glass of wine for virtual happy hour. 

See eye-to-eye on video calls - have you ever noticed when your device is sitting on the desk, the iPad camera points directly up your nose on video calls? The height-adjustable HoverBar lifts your camera to eye level for more natural, better looking conversations. The HoverBar Duo clip rotates 360-degrees. Position your device horizontally for Zoom meetings, then spin it vertically for one-on-one FaceTime chats. 

Secondary screen or mini desktop station?  The adjustability of HoverBar Duo means you can position your iPad or tablet right next to your iMac, external monitor or MacBook to serve as a second or third display. Or, grab a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a super comfortable mini desktop setup. When it’s time to recharge your device, you can do so without removing it from HoverBar Duo. 

  • Holds iPad, tablet or smartphone in infinite positions, heights and angles  
  • Includes both a weighted desktop stand + shelf clamp  
  • Lifts device to eye-level for FaceTime and video conference calls
  • Use at a desk, in the kitchen or shop for hands-free use


  • Device clip maximum width: 220 mm
  • Device clip minimum height: 127 mm
  • Shelf clamp maximum width: 34 mm
  • Shelf clamp minimum width: 10 mm
  • Fully extended arm length: 38 cm
  • Most devices with cases fit in HoverBar. The max dimensions of your combined device & case is 220 cm wide by 127 mm deep (or thick). There is no max height as the device clips hold the sides - not the top - of the device. If you know you have a larger bulkier case on a larger iPad Pro model or tablet - please check the dimensions above.
  • HoverBar Duo doesn't block charging ports so you can charge while your device is sitting in HoverBar


  • iPad (all generations)
  • iPad Air (all generations)
  • iPad Pro (all generations)
  • iPad mini (all generations)
  • iPhone 12/12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / 12 Mini
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR
  • ​and all previous generations of iPhone
  • HoverBar Duo fits mobile phones with a minimum height of 127 mm
  • HoverBar Duo can fit any device with a minimum height of 127 mm and a maximum height of 220mm

What's in the box:

  • Device clip
  • Desk base with attached arm
  • Shelf clamp
  • Large hex wrench (4 mm)
  • Small hex wrench (3 mm)