Wacom Bamboo Ink


  • Smart stylus, the most intuitive and natural tool to use for writing, sketching and annotating
  • Ergonomic triangular design and aluminium soft-touch surface
  • Windows Ink shortcut button on top
  • Two side buttons for customisable shortcut functions
  • Bluetooth connected (4.0 or later)
  • Includes Nib Kit with three different nib types – soft, medium and firm
  • Bamboo Ink works with a broad range of pen-enabled devices
  • Though optimised for Windows Ink, Bamboo Ink is also compatible with the pre-installed Sticky Notes, sketchpad, screen sketch or other pen-optimised apps like Bamboo Note 

Jot down all your ideas with Bamboo Ink instantly: Pressing this smart pen’s top button launches the Windows Ink Workspace or a pen-enabled app like Sticky Notes or the new and flexible Bamboo Note* (available soon).

It is designed for natural writing and sketching with a choice of different fine nibs (Exchangeable soft, medium, firm nibs come with included Nib Kit). Its ergonomic triangular design and an aluminium soft-touch surface provide a very good in-hand feel, while pressure sensing turns every stroke into a precise digital reflection of the user’s ideas.

Speed up your work and save time for making and shaping more fresh ideas thanks to two side buttons for customised shortcut functions (depending on your PC / device).

Capture instantly what comes to mind – as instantly as with a pen on paper, or pen down thoughts and complex ideas intuitively with Bamboo ink's pressure sensing for authentic writing. Add comments or sketches to whatever you work on - screenshots, photos, maps, graphs or documents... Switching as flexibly between handwriting, sketching and annotating you'll almost forget you’re using a high-tech smart stylus on a digital screen. 

Everything noted or visualised in the Bamboo Note or Bamboo Paper app can be synchronised across devices with Inkspace, the cloud-based service to save, access, and manage ideas easily anytime and from everywhere. (App integration with Inkspace from summer 2017.)

Bamboo Ink is optimised for Windows Ink and it works with a great range of pen-enabled Windows 10 tablets and touchscreen PCs (including Surface Pro and Surface Go). See here the complete list.


  • Stylus Length: 147 mm
  • Weight: 19g including battery
  • Pressure Levels: up to 4096
  • Wireless: Yes (Bluetooth)

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