Bluelounge CableClip (Small)


Vendor: Bluelounge SKU: CC-SM
  • Secure cables in convenient and compact bundles for the home, office or to take on the go
  • Eliminates mess in drawers, bags or desktops
  • Easy to use and available in different sizes 

There’s no need for your bag, drawers or desktop to entertain a knotted mess of wires anymore. CableClips have you covered.  Perfect for stowing away surplus cables or for keeping cord slack tidy, CableClips secure your cables in a convenient and compact bundle for your home, office or to take on-the-go. 

CableClips are easy to use, to wind-up everything from earbuds to extension cords.

Available in three sizes (apply according cord size):

  • Small     (3x Grey + 3x Green)
  • Medium (2x Grey + 2x Orange) / (2 x Light Blue + 2 x Navy)
  • Large     (1x Grey + 1x Light Grey)