Twelve South Plugbug Duo World


  • Dual USB Charger + MacBook Global Adapter  
  • All-in-one charger for MacBook Pro with 2 additional traditional USB charging ports to power iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch
  • 2.1 Amp USB charger provides fast charge to iPad or iPhone
  • Includes five AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global electrical outlets (over 150 countries)
  • Charges all generations of iPad and iPhone
  • Works with Apple MagSafe + USB-C Power Adapters and any USB charging cable (not included) making it fit for all MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Power Adapters 

Charge your MacBook, iPad and iPhone simultaneously from one outlet with PlugBug Duo!

PlugBug Duo is a dual, 12-watt USB charger that snaps onto the back of any MacBook Power Adapter, including USB-C and iPad Power Adapters, creating the ultimate dual charger that works in any major country. 

This must-have accessory is a way to reclaim the missing USB ports on the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Instead of buying dongles or carrying extra chargers, simply add PlugBug Duo to the MacBook charger and charge two USB devices, and a MacBook, simultaneously, with one device.

The bright red finish makes it easy to spot PlugBug Duo inside your backpack, computer bag or purse. PlugBug Duo includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

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